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  • Welcome to Hangzhou Fandachem Co.,Ltd (www.FandaChem.com)

    Hangzhou Fandachem Co.,Ltd (Fandachem),an experienced and professional China-based Fine Chemical supplier.
    We supply the following products:
    Cocopropylenediamine,1.5 bis guanidinium acetate,CAS:85681-60-3
    Vanax 808-HP,Cas No.34562-31-7,3,5-diethyl-1,2-dihydro-1-phenyl-2-propylpyridine
    2-Dimethylaminoisopropyl chloride hydrochloride,CAS:4584-49-0
    Diphenylacetonitrile 99%min,CAS: 86-29-3
    Grignard Reagent,methylmagnesium bromide CAS No.75-16-1
    Grignard Reagent,Ethylmagnesium bromide CAS No.925-90-6
    Grignard Reagent,Vinylmagnesium Bromide CAS No.1826-67-1
    Grignard Reagent,Methylmagnesium chloride CAS No.676-58-4
    Grignard Reagent,Ethylmagnesium chloride CAS No.2386-64-3
    Grignard Reagent,Vinylmagnesium chl  Click for details>>
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hot product 85681-60-3 65381-09-1 920-66-1 1435-48-9 2268-05-5 16627-71-7 21652-58-4 3670-93-7 645-88-5 21450-64-6